Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Sorry this is so late. I accidentally saved it as a draft instead of posting it!
I did it, guys! I actually remembered to take pictures of most of the stuff I ate yesterday. I am so proud of myself. I have the worst memory ever, no joke.

Normally, I would have a rice cake & peanut butter or 100 calorie OatFit oatmeal with almonds, but today it looked like it was about to storm, so I knew I wouldn't be running.

I decided on a Special K breakfast sandwitch instead! Flatbread, Egg, Cheese, and Sausage. Delicious, but not-so-nutritious. It is a lot more processed than what I usually like. At least it has a good amount of protein and it keeps me full!

Yum. For lunch I had the green giant Antioxidant blend of vegetables from my freezer, and a lemon pepper ChicknSteak from Market Day. Despite being all found in the freezer, it was a pretty nutritious meal. I swear I do eat fresh food sometimes, but it's hard since I don't have a car (or my license!) so I can't just go to the store to get fresh food. 
I also had a piece of wheat bread with peanut butter. I needed some carbs so my blood sugar wouldn't crash!


This is my personal favorite! (: I LOVE to cut up a cucumber into thin slices, then I dip them in Pico de Gallo. Healthier than Salsa& Chips, and I still get my Pico de Gallo <-- my favorite food ever.

Wow, my life is lonely. I ate all these meals by myself! :( With my mom at work and my sister not liking me, I end up eating by myself a lot. Yesterday dinner was by myself because I had Marching Band, and my mom doesn't get home until after it starts.

I had leftover Chicken Fajitas! Chicken, onion, red pepper, seasoning, and pico de gallo. (how could I not??)

Vanilla Chobani topped with this Aldi Granola. Yum!

Not pictured: Strawberries. Kashi Granola bar. (Anyone ever had the almond mocha one?? so good)  Fruit snacks after Marching Band workout when my blood sugar was dropping. 

Oh, how could I forget? Water, lots and lots of water. Pretty much all I ever drink, besides tea & chocolate milk.

That's a little peek into the food I eat. Boring! I promise sometimes my food is more exciting. Like the $5 date night I had with Andrew that involved this...
I had never tried Ben & Jerry's before. I am in love! Ice cream is my favorite dessert and this stuff was by far the best of all packaged ice creams.

What is your favorite snack? Do you like Mexican food as much as I do? Have you ever tried Ben & Jerry's?


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