Saturday, June 15, 2013

5 Things I'm Looking Forward To

Happy Saturday! Just gonna talk about a few things that have been on my mind...

1. My little sister's birthday! Tomorrow is father's day and also my soon to be 12 year-old sister's birthday!

Happy Birthday Erica!

2. Cross Country Camp.

For this one I am just as nervous as I am excited. I made the decision to do Cross Country Camp through my school this summer. It will be mostly girls on the team, plus a few younger girls. One of my best friends is on the varsity team (she is REALLY good!) so she will be driving me to camp. She is the best! Camp is from 7-9 AM Monday-Friday, and sometimes long runs on Saturday. I am so nervous, I have no idea if I will be able to keep up with anyone. 

3. Getting Faster. 

One thing's for sure.. I will definitely get faster after 2 months of running with the team every morning! Right now I only run about 4 days a week. I'm hoping to get my 5k time down to like 27 minutes. Or 26. Or 25 (the ultimate dream...) That's a lot of time to shave off of my 29:33 time, so I'm just hoping for any improvement! (: 

I can run long distances (this one was a 10k!) but I run suuuuuuuuper slow. #turtlestatus
On Friday I had a great run, a 10k, but I ran super slow. Also stopped to talk to my bestie when I ran into her biking home, and stopped at Andrew's house for some water. 

4. Vacation! 
I am going to the BAHAMAS on Wednesday, with my dad and my sister. An entire week! I will get to visit Atlantis, the fancy resort that you see in the commercials. (Not staying there though). Yes, I will miss a week of cross country camp. :( However, I'm pretty sure it will be worth it... (; I can't wait to share tons of pictures!!

I got all my papers ready today. I just need 7 more hours of practice, 1 at night. I got that doctor's note (for my diabetes) and the letter from the secretary of state and everything else. I can't get it before my vacation because of time, but after I get back from vacation and then camp I'll drive to the DMV....
I'm still super freaked out that I will be able to drive on my own with no adults in a few weeks. Crazy. What will my first drive by myself be??? I'll probably pick up Andrew (won't get his licence until September) and go get ice cream or froyo. Yes, that sounds good. I'll be driving my mom's minivan. Won't I be cool (;
I could have gotten my licence on my birthday, but I just wasn't ready. It didn't really matter because I wasn't getting a car anyways! Now I think I'm almost ready... I'm so nervous though! When can I make a turn on red??? Will I park the right way?? I am so bad at parking.

The next couple of weeks are gonna be really exciting AND scary... Wish me luck! (:

What are you looking forward to? Are you going anywhere this summer? Did you pass your driver's test the first time? 



  1. Tell your little sister Happy Birthday! We have SO much in common! I've been doing cross country camp for 3 weeks now! You'll so be able to keep up! Everyone is all about improving and helping eachother, so NO worries! I went to Atlantis last summer for a family reunion! We stayed in Atlantis, but we got to take a little boat in to the main part of the Bahamas one morning. It is SO beautiful, so I'm sure you'll have a blast. If you get a chance, go down the Leap of Faith water slide!. I took my drivers test last october and passed (thank God!!)You'll be just fine. Seriously just know how to parallel park and be overly aware, and you'll pass with flying colors. Unless you really have no idea what you're doing, it's really easy. My test lasted only 7 minutes! :)

    1. I think we are secret twins, except you do everything ahead of me! (: I'm glad to know you had fun in the Bahamas! I can't wait. I'll have to do the Leap of Faith and tell you how it was. And that totally calms my nerves for the driving test! (: Thank you!

  2. Everything on that list is awesome! I am so jealous of the Garmin right now ... hahaha :)
    And just remember that no matter how slow you go, you are lapping everyone on the couch

    1. Aw thanks Liz! (: The garmin was my birthday present. It comes in all sorts of colors. I totally recommend it if you ever look into getting one (: Thanks for that advice, sometimes I seriously need to remember that :/ By the way, love your blog girl!

  3. Yayy for getting your license! I just got mine- it's really weird to be driving alone and I feel old haha! ;) Loving this post idea

    1. Ah I know. I thought I would be cool when I could drive!! I am still not cool (; Congrads on getting your license! (:


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