About me

My name is Emily Rose. I'm a sixteen-year-old high-schooler living in Illinois.

Hi, I'm awkward. Natural hair/Straight hair.

I love ice cream and instagram.  I have a newly-discovered passion for running.
My garmin! AKA the best thing that ever happened to my running.

 Music takes up most of my life, considering I am 2nd chair oboe and I play in the marching band.
Our band got to perform at Chicago Symphony Center! (that's where the CSO plays!)

I created this blog because I love to write and I wanted to document my journey of running and finding myself in high school. It's about finding a balance between living healthy and being happy. 
My forever-puppy, Sophie. Also known as the running buddy who poops at the worst possible times.
I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes about 3 years ago. While it's not easy, diabetes has taught me to appreciate life in ways I had never known. 
Oh, diabetes funnies. I promise to never bite off any fingers.

I hope enjoy this peek into my little life. Thanks for reading!


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