Monday, May 27, 2013

Lazy Monday.

Happy Memorial Day! I hope everyone is enjoying their day off. Let's not forget to honor those who served our country.

Yesterday, I had a 5 mile run on the training plan. I was not in the mood! My boyfriend, Andrew, was supposed to meet me for 3 of the miles but he backed out. :(

However, I got my butt up and went for it anyways. And guess what? It was great!!

After 5, I was feeling great, so I decided to throw in another mile. Doing 6 miles by myself  wasn't so much physically challenging, since I was going very slow. (yeah, 11:45/mile average pace..) It was mentally challenging! I had to keep motivating myself. I am so glad I did it though.

When I got home, I realized I should have done another .19 miles so it would have counted as a 10k :( Oh well. It was  PR nonetheless!

I was SO HUNGRY for the rest of the day. I don't know if I have ever been that hungry in  my life! Oh well. I think I earned it (;

Homemade granola bars! These things are THE BEST!!
I had tried out a recipe from Sally's baking addiction. Try it now. It is seriously the most amazing thing you will ever taste! I edited it a bit, adding peanuts instead of cranberries and raisins. It was super-duper easy. Took like 10 minutes. These things are the best, I'm telling you, go make them now.

Now today is rest day. Today I do laundry and study (FINALS FINALS AH). I need to remember a semester worth of spanish.. I barely remember what I ate for breakfast yesterday. Wish me luck! (;

When are your finals? Have you ever made granola bars?



  1. Way to go on your run! I only ran a 5k today :)

  2. It's not the distance/time that matters, what matters is that you went out and did it (: Thanks for reading! I love DulceVie Brittany!

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog girl! I love yours! We both like running and granola, so I think we're already friends! I love how optimistic you are. You are just beautiful and such an inspiration. I look forward to reading about your new running adventures! (I mean 11 miles THATS CRAZY!!)

  4. Hey Katherine, I love YOUR blog! I can't believe I hadn't discovered it until the other day. I really like your blogging style. We are definitely already friends, you forgot peanut butter. I love peanut butter too! (And assuming from your blog title.. haha!) I can't wait to get to know you better through Peanut Butter Lover. Have a happy Wednesday (:

  5. Congrats on your running pace! For how long you went for, that time is nothing to scoff about :). I have finals next week, so I'm on study-mode. I hope yours go well!

  6. Thank you Christine! Oh I am so glad to be done with finals. How ironic is it that I feel like I can finally think straight AFTER finals?? (:


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