Wednesday, May 29, 2013

FlipBelt- A review.

1 day of finals down. Officially done with chemistry! (: 2 days left to go....

Recently I decided it was time to get rid of my ugly $7 fanny pack from TJMaxx and upgrade to a FlipBelt. 

I had read reviews online, and decided it was the best option for me. I saw that they carried them in a small store near me, so I went to try them on. 

Now, I like to wear my running belts really low on my hips. It is most comfortable to me that way. So the small didn't fit, that would have fit my waist but not my hips. However, they were all out of mediums :( so I got a large instead. 

Why are these pictures all funky ah

So much better than the ugly fanny pack. Flipbelt works because it is stretchy and has slits for you to put your stuff in. You can either keep the slits facing out or flip the belt to secure your belongings.
Putting my insulin pump in!
I keep my insulin pump, glucose gel (for low blood sugar) and my iphone (with it's huge otterbox case) in my running belt.

 It stayed put all through my (short) run. (Only 2.5 miles today.)
All in all, I love it! It was definitely worth the $28.

What do you use to carry your stuff when you run?



  1. I really need one of these things! Sometimes during extra long runs I would end up just holding my phone/headphones/whatever else I had, and it got really tiring! Maybe I need to get one of these! It looks perfect for long runs! Thanks for the suggestion! :)

  2. No problem! I didn't get it for a while, 28 dollars is hard to justify sometimes, haha (:


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