Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Hello, and welcome to my corner of the blog-world. My name is Emily and this is my blog about living with Type 1 diabetes as well as the normal life of a teenage girl.

My diabetes story:
 I was dx-ed in May, just under three years ago. It was just a few days after my 13th birthday (Happy Birthday! You're a teenager-here's a disease!). I had the typical symptoms, drinking tons (I had a half gallon water bottle that I would drink and refill every 45 minutes at school-I kid you not), and therefore peeing a lot, and feeling exhausted. I had done some research (thank you internet), so I had an idea that it was diabetes. However, I am the only one in my family to have type 1, so it was still a big surprise. I have learned a lot since then! (: Thankfully, I have super-supportive friends who have been there for me since I had those first suspicions and through everything since then. 

Since that first hospital visit, I've been on shots, on the MiniMed Paradigm insulin pump, back on shots (had troubles with sites), and am currently pumping again. Obviously some days are better than others, but overall I think I do a good job handling my diabetes. Every day is a new challenge but I do my best to maintain a positive attitude, and with that I can do anything, right? (:

My purpose behind this blog is to meet other Type 1's and create a sense of community. Also, as the name suggests, I will be talking about makeup and hair products quite often, I would like to do a lot of reviews. There will be little snippets of my life and current issues thrown in the mix. I know this blog will evolve and I'm excited to see what it brings in the future!

How did you find out you had diabetes? Are you pumpin'? 

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