Monday, August 5, 2013

Healthy Eats Week- Day 1: Breakfast.

Hey everyone! Happy Monday. Where did last week even go??

First of all, I have to mention the amazing support I got from you all on my last post. I really appreciate the comments and love I got after writing that. I was really scared to share my story, but I don't regret it. My blogging friends are the best! (:

Over the past few weeks, in my efforts to lose a bit of weight but more importantly just become healthier overall, I've been experimenting with some healthy "swaps" and recipes.

This week I will be sharing my latest eats and fabulous food finds. I'm calling it Healthy Eats Week because I want to. Disclaimer: These are just what I consider healthy. I'm not a nutritionist and I know "healthy" is a matter of opinion! My idea of healthy is as close to natural as possible.

Today I am going to start with breakfast! Most important meal of the day, right?? (:

I tried Sunnie's recipe for Overnight Oats, and I think I'm in love. I have yet to buy chia seeds, but I just make it without, and even though the texture isn't perfect without the chia seeds, it's still delicious! I think this is a new staple in my mornings (;

I just bought these over the weekend. I LOVE homemade oatmeal. So much better than my packets! (although packets are good for quick mornings). I love that this is all natural, and I can add my own toppings. I like adding fruit, protein powder, & always vanilla and cinnamon.

New obsession: Ezekiel 4:9 bread. It has no flour, it's made using the whole grain. I don't know the details, but it is much better than white or even plain wheat bread. It is SO filling, and I really enjoy the taste and texture. I guess I'm weird, but the nutty taste and thicker texture really appeals to me!

My favorite thing to put on my new bread? Chocolate PB2. Pair it with fruit, and we've got ourselves a breakfast!

For breakfast, I tried to swap out the quicker options for more whole & natural options. I also try to eat a bit of fruit with breakfast every day. That seems to help me stay full for longer. Sometimes fruit really doesn't appeal to me until the afternoon, so I'll skip it.

Yesterday I had a lot of fun! I went with Andrew's family to the Michigan dunes. 

We had fun on the mud hike. (:

What are YOUR favorite breakfasts?? Care to share any easy recipes? (:

What changes are you making to healthify your life?

Have a wonderful day.

Quick life update: My dad finally moved out and things are better for me! However, he isn't in a very good place right now and is extremely negative whenever I am around him. He acts terribly around my mom and constantly complains about both her and my little sister, who just wants to see my dad more. I only have to see him every other weekend, and I'm really glad all that negativity is, for the most part, out of my life. It's been years since I have lived in a truly peaceful home and I am so thankful for having that now.


  1. I'm glad to hear things are getting better in your household! :)
    I love, love breakfast so obviously I love this post! I've been on a major overnight kick lately too! Another breakfast that I really love is frozen waffles (I love Kashi seven grain which are also high in fiber!) toasted and topped with yogurt and nut butter (or you could use PB2!). I also love baked oatmeal. Here are some that I've come up with if you're interested:
    Of course, the flavor possibilities are endless! I can't wait to read more from your new blog series. :)

    1. Breakfast is the best!! (: I need to try Kashi frozen waffles. They sound so yummy. I am going to try that baked oatmeal ASAP. When I was little and went to camp, they used to serve baked oatmeal and it was my favorite breakfast!! So yummy (:

    2. Thank you for sharing the recipes! (:

  2. So happy that things are getting better with you!

    And I love oatmeal - Quaker Oats especially. I am definitely going to try the vanilla in them! (Brinner for dinner tonight) I also can't wait to buy PB2!

    1. Brinner?? I love that!! (: Totally going to call it that from now on. Oatmeal is the bomb. I use a 30% off coupon and buy it at GNC (:

  3. I'm happy things are getting better! My new breakfast obsession is smoothies.

    1. Me too! (: I looove smoothies. That will definitely happen a lot more in the school year when I'm busier and need breakfast on the go.

  4. I'm glad you're situation at home is improving :). And I agree, homemade oatmeal is so much more delicious than the pre-made packets!

    1. Thanks! (: I always forget that it is TOTALLY worth the extra time & effort.


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